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ActiV Pro: Personalised Virtual Training

ActiV Pro: Personalised Virtual Training

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Enhance your workout with our innovative app! Experience real, exciting strength gains through our focused strength program accessible right at your fingertips.

 Experience the Benefits of ActiV Pro

  1. Effortless App Interface - Navigate with ease and focus on your fitness goals, thanks to the intuitive design of ActiV Pro.

  2. Progress Tracking and Feedback- Monitor your fitness journey with real-time progress tracking and instant feedback, ensuring your goals are always within sight and your strategies are effective.

  3. Weekly Check-Ins: Stay on the right path with weekly check-ins, maintaining a consistent and guided approach to your fitness objectives. Programs are constantly modified for a better experience. 

  4. Daily Nutrition Coaching -Receive daily nutrition guidance tailored to your needs, ensuring your body is fueled optimally for your workouts and overall wellness.

  5. Remote Training Capability- Train wherever you are, without any hindrance. ActiV Pro's remote training feature ensures your fitness routine is uninterrupted and as dynamic as you are.

With ActiV Pro, experience a holistic and streamlined approach to fitness and wellness, where every feature is designed with your convenience and success in mind. Propel your fitness journey with ActiV Pro, where your progress, nutrition, and training adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Progress!

Mark has been professional and quite helpful throughout. Very informative during consultation period and also quite informative during execution of the programme.

My goal is to be an elite athlete and I’m already seeing progress, I’ve been able to build a much better base on the programme Mark has constructed for my goals.

Charles R.
ActiV Pro: Personalised Virtual Training

What I appreciate most about Mark is his knowledge and coaching style which has given me the confidence to challenge myself in ways I didn't think possible. Above all, he cares about the overall well-being of his clients and wants us to feel our best. Mark has been there every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to meet their fitness goals - the time and effort he puts in really shows.

Rachel Chambers
Best personal trainer + programs

I’ve been with MonkFit for quite a few years now and has been the only personal trainer I’ve been with this long. Everything is very much holistic and ensuring you’re optimizing your mind and body in the best way possible. I’m always learning something new, I’m constantly seeing how my body changes and how I also feel internally with suggested movements or meals. Mark is a blessing, this company is a blessing and I can’t wait for so many others to experience this passion, genuineness, support and overall knowledge sharing being a part of this family. MonkFit will always have a client in me.

Personlized Training Program

This program is tailored to fit your needs, schedule, goals, and fitness level.

I’ve tried multiple programs in the past online, none of which motivated me, fit within my busy schedule as a professional which consequently didn’t produce results.

This personalized program take all my needs into consideration including prior injuries, workout preferences, and most importantly time commitment to deliver a program that I can commit to. The end result is a consistent workout attendance which has already started to produce noticeable strength improvements.

I recommend this program to anyone as Mark takes his time to deliver something made JUST FOR YOU.

I look forward to also purchasing the meal plan in order to maximize my gains through nutritional guidance.

Chris W.
Personalised Training Program

This program is tailored specifically to your training needs with regular feedback and insight

The app is an intuitive,complete package allowing for easy communication for the MonkFit team

Im two weeks into the program and already seeing and feeling results and looking forward to the long run