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MonkFit Wellness Systems

Personalized Training 2x/week

Personalized Training 2x/week

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Embark on a transformative fitness journey with Campactiv, where we excel in offering unique 3-on-1 personal training services. Experience the perfect blend of individualized attention and the vibrant energy of group workouts, fostering a supportive and motivational atmosphere.

Our dedicated and experienced trainers tailor strategies to your fitness goals, ensuring personalized progress. Our unique group training approach not only enhances your physical development but also bolsters emotional support and community bonding.

Thrive in an environment where every workout is a step towards better health, unwavering support, and shared success.

Our clients enjoy: 

Personalized Attention: Our trainers provide immediate feedback, ensuring that individuals perform exercises correctly and understand the material, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing effectiveness.

Motivation: We help boost your motivation and keep you accountable for your workout routine, helping you push through mental and physical barriers.

Customized Workouts: All workouts are tailored to your fitness level, goals, and any physical limitations you may have, ensuring the most efficient use of your workout time.

Social Interaction: Face-to-face training provides the opportunity for social interaction with trainers and other participants, fostering a supportive community and enhancing the overall training experience.

Enhanced Results: Overall, face-to-face training often leads to better results, as it provides a comprehensive, personalized, and interactive fitness experience.

NOTE: Specify the days and times you would like to be accommodated for training in Notes.

You will be contacted for further scheduling.

All clients must pay the gym fee (not included in the price) by the 15th of each training month. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of slots.

Packages are NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE to any other service (such as programs) or person.

Bring your exercise mat as these will not be provided.

Training may be outdoors/indoors.

Clients are not entitled to a meal plan. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Danielle Chrysostom
Best thing!

The best thing I could have done for my well being is to start training with Mark. The workouts are punctual and effective. Mark is also very in tuned with his clients, he knows when to push and when to ease up. His first question is always ‘ How are you feeling today’, and trust me, that makes a world of a difference!

Kadane Coates
Highly Recommended for any First-Time Gym-Goer

To date, strength training with Mark has been a good experience as a first-time gym-goer. He has definitely helped me to feel more comfortable and competent in a gym setting. Additionally, he is very
professional, especially with regards to communication, which has always been prompt. I have appreciated his approach to communication because there have been several instances when I had to reschedule sessions. Furthermore, he has been unfailingly flexible in accommodating these unexpected changes. During training sessions, I appreciate the emphasis he places on maintaining good form and how quickly he adjusts exercises to meet my level of proficiency. More importantly, he has been dedicated and patient in his approach in helping me achieve my goals. Consequently, I have definitely became stronger over the past 4 months. He has taken a vested interest in using strength training to not only help me achieve my physical goals, but to become stronger mentally. I definitely look forward to training with Mark over the next few months and unlocking new milestones !

Danielle Carr
Best trainer!

Working with Mark has been such a fulfilling experience. He’s so great at listening and understanding what your goals are and helping you to achieve them. Training sessions are always fun and productive, and I always leave feeling accomplished. His ability to motivate and push you during sessions is great and he’s always your biggest cheerleader when you reach a new goal.

Karlon E
Good vibes all round

A great trainer with a talent for catering workouts to my specific needs. He knows his stuff and it shows. You won't regret it.


Mark is different from the trainers I’ve had. He tailors my sessions to combat my very unpredictable work schedule. He’s punctual, professional, gives clear instructions that you can easily follow. I made the right choice when I decided to try CampActiv!